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About the Team

When Stephen decided to make this adventure happen, he knew exactly who to call: Judy. On the list of Stephen's adventurer friends, she was the type of person who was up for any adventure, the bigger the better. Stephen and Judy met in 2002 at a Shaolin kung fu class studying with a fiery Shaolin monk that went by the name Justin. The two became good friends through through their mutual love of being sarcastic, strenuous physical training, and insulting each other. Despite long road trips, face punches, and two combating egos, their friendship has endured.

Tom and Judy met during their 1L year at American University. During a lecture about legal research, Judy turned to Tom and asked if he wanted to work with her on the class assignment. In that instant, unbeknownst to them, an unbreakable bond was forged. Judy and Tom completed their legal research assignment, studied for finals together, and eventually, Tom moved into Judy’s group house. During this critical time period, Judy observed that Tom was enthusiastic about, well, everything (except brussel sprouts). Tom’s boundless enthusiasm and Judy’s venturesome nature has already lead them through countless adventures including driving from Colorado to D.C. in two days and, most recently, camping out on the D.C. streets all night to see a SCOTUS argument. Through their numerous trials by fire, Judy knew that as a member of MMMT, Tom could be trusted to party hardy and squeeze the team out of a tight spot.

Stephen Jan
Written by Stephen Jan   


Stephen Jan grew up in the quaint, little, New Jersey town of Tenafly. Upon graduating from a largely uneventful public high school experience, he headed off to the birthplace of the Manhattan Project: Columbia University. 5 years of waking up late for afternoon classes, staying up all-night completing procrastinated assignments, and cramming for oh-so-important exams yielded a fistful of graduate and undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Bioengineering. Leaving behind academic world, Stephen dedicated his life to being a programmer by day, and ninja by night - studying a wide range of martial arts and becoming a competitive athlete. Stephen is known to enjoy doing unusual and strangely interesting things. He enjoys long walks in -45 degree weather, going places where he's uninvited, and talking to people who can't understand English. He's totally stoked about going to Mongolia!

Judith del Cuadro-Zimmerman
Written by Judith del Cuadro-Zimmerman   


Judy learned her survival skills growing up on the mean streets of Brooklyn, NY and honed them by attending an all girls’ high school in Manhattan. She then attended Smith College where she first aspired to be a professional ballet dancer, then a professional horseback rider, and finally aspired to avoid being professional altogether. Like a typical woman, Judy wanted to embrace the world and then change it. For these reasons she decided to attend law school upon graduation. Now a rising third year law student at American University, Washington College of Law, the “real” world is once again looming in the near distance. In a last ditch effort to avoid entering the professional sphere, Judy decided to join Stephen in Mongol Rally 2010!

Thomas Dorwart
Written by Tom Dorwart   

Tom is from Omaha Nebraska. He's the Reeses man.

Here's the extended bio recently worked on by tom's traveling biographer.

Tom (Tommy D, Tommy Twittle Toes, Gangsta, Sniper, or Toothpick as he’s been otherwise known) was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. He studied political science and French at the University of Notre Dame and fell in love with France and fine mustard during a semester in Dijon. After his undergraduate studies, Tom recognized his love for student life, landed in law school at American University Washington College of Law, and now plans to attend law school in Paris for the next two years. Tom joined Mongol Rally because Judy has otherworldly convincing marketing skills. T’ Twittle looks forward to spreading Reese’s Pieces to the unassuming – and not peanut-allergy prone – Kazakh and Mongolian youth and promoting basketball in small villages across Eurasia. Special talents Tom brings to MMT include above-average barbecuing experience, moderately tolerable violin playing, and an unusual ability to keep others awake on long journeys. Tom is excited for this opportunity of an earthly lifetime to partake in Mongo Rally 2010 and earnestly hopes for a safe and disease-free finish in Ulaanbaatar.

Lillian Wilde
Written by Stephen Jan   



Lillie Wilde is the latest addition to Team Magical Mongolian Mystery Tour and joins us from Germany where drivers obey traffic signs, pedestrians don't jaywalk, and drinking beer on the sidewalk in broad daylight is a civic right. Lillie grew up in Hamburg, lived there up until completing gymnasium last year. She loves Hamburg but the unstoppable urge to find her artistic muse led her to Berlin, the center of modern German art and culture. Today, Lillie is interning at a film production company and enjoys exploring her artistic potential. In the summer of 2010, Lillie was planning to visit New York. But as fate would have it, on May 18, a New Yorker came to Berlin, pointed her eastward, and declared that the party will be in Mongolia. She has much to offer the team: unbridled enthusiasm, German language speaking skills, and most importantly, a necessary propensity for getting lost.


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